Production Details

Whoever wants to invest in new standards needs to be in line with new technologies. For this reason, MCI reinvented the way to produce sfihas, baurus and fermented pasta with Formatix. Equipment highly recommended to the food industry, such as central kitchens and food factories, with continuous and large-scale production with a view to an objective: innovation, standardization and high quality of the final product.
Products per hour
*Products up to 25 grams.
Capacity production
100 kg/h (220 lb)
Size Variation
30g to 40g (1,05 to 1,4 oz)
Touch screen
Second Filling
Not available
Sfiha per hour
*Variable according to the product.
Bauru per hour
*Variable according to the product.
Dought cooling system
Automatic temperature control
Safety and quality
All MCI equipment is within safety standards, we put production quality and safety first.
*Any image used in this material is for illustrative purposes only and is subject to change. Technical information subject to adjustment.
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Shapes production
Shapes production
Esfirra/Esfiha Esfirra/Esfiha
Rectangular Esfirra/Esfiha Rectangular Esfirra/Esfiha

Equipment details


Weight 268.00 kg
Height 185.00 cm
Width 75.00 cm
Depth 96.00 cm
Electrical Supply 110V
Energy Consumption 3 kw