RB-01 MF Forming Machine

RB-01 MF

Formatting for yeast doughs

Production Details

Production capacity
Up to 300 kg per hour
* Yeast dough product
1.800 to 2.000 units per hour.
*130 grams (4,58 oz)
Product's weight
30 g up to 300 gr (1,05 up to 10,58 oz)
Strength and Endurance
Threads made with polyacetal without stressing the dough or damaging sensitive fillings
Thirth threads for dough and filling
More uniformity in the dosage of products.
Touch screen panel
Simple and functional interface that allows practical adjustments.
Optional in 2 languages: Portuguese and English.
Cutting System
Cutting jaws with floating motion that allow individual fine adjustments, ensuring uniform cuts.
Dough Pump
The dough pump was developed to provide less stress on the dough and precision in dosing
Filling pump
Developed to softly fill the products, they are efficient and ensure uniformity in the dosage.
Collector conveyor belt
Conveyor that allows the stop and vertical movement for the receipt of shaped products, without being damaged by falling.
Flour compartiment
Application of a thin layer of flour on the conveyor to prevent the products from sticking.
Non-stick surface
Pumps and dispensers with a non-stick surface layer to reduce the friction during the displacement of the dough.
Safety and quality
All MCI equipment is within safety standards, we put production quality and safety first.
*Any image used in this material is for illustrative purposes only and is subject to change. Technical information subject to adjustment.
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Equipment details

RB-01 MF

Weight 537.00 kg
Height 167.50 cm
Width 165.90 cm
Depth 109.80 cm
Electrical Supply 220V